Re: CPN - articles and/or photo's -Reply

Rogan Roth (
Thu, 23 Feb 1995 8:56:10 +200


>But why have you not joined ICPS? We can use all support.

I was not sure how to interpret your brief message! Does this
mean that you would receive articles/photo's from non-members
but, because they are non-members, you are not too happy about
it? Surely receiving support from non-members IS support?
Disregarding the fact that I would very much love to be a member
of the ICPS, I just cannot afford to subscribe at the present
time as (due to factors well beyond my control) the Rand/Dollar
exchange rate makes it prohibitively expensive for a South
African, such as I, to join ANY foreign society.

I am VERY grateful to have access to such a powerful medium as
the internet and to be able to converse freely with people with a
similar interest to mine. I have and would like to contribute
much more to CP people on the 'net and members of the ICPS in the
only way I can - photography - if anybody is interested that is!

If you are interested I will send you a few 35mm slides that you
may be able to use in future issues of the CPN without

Cheers for now
Rogan B. Roth.