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Thu, 23 Feb 1995 00:14:00 +0900


Sorry for long delay!!!

>>Now in my greenhouse, Utric hybrid (U.alpina x endresii) is blooming.
>>How do you like your Utrics?

>It is very interesting your hybrid is blooming. My specimen of this plant
>is doing very well, and I am looking forward to when it flowers. The other
>things you have sent are doing very well. Arigato! Are the flowers on your
>hybrid like _U.alpina_ or _U.endresii_ or both?

I wrote the differece between the hybrid and it's parents. I tried hard but I
know it's not pefect. So, I decided. I will send a photograph of the flowers
with the following pictures which were taken by my friend who visited the tabl
mountains last month.
Pictures are
_U.quelchii_ on Mt.Kukenan
_U.campbelliana_ on Mt.Marahuaca
_U.humboldtii_ on Mt.Huachamacari
_U.humboldtii_(pure white flower!) on Mt.Huachamacari very very beautiful!!!
_U.jamesoniana_(?) on Mt.Huachamacari

Kind regards from Japan
Isao Takai

Is there anybody in this group who is interested in the flowers of U.alpina X
endresii? Send your snail mail address to "BXA04262@niftyserve.or.jp". I will
send a photo of the flowers.