Re: D.heterophylla

Jan Schlauer (
Wed, 22 Feb 1995 13:59:16 +0100

Hey Barry,

>A question for Jan and others who are taxonomically interested...
>Am I the only one who is absolutely fascinated by _D.heterophylla_?

No. I join the club.

BTW, how about _D.pygmaea_ in which the flower is normally tetramerous (K4
C4 A4 G4, unique in _Drosera_), or _Utricularia heterosepala_ a (nearly)
completely straightforward Oligocista but apparently always without
bracteoles (mysterious: usually the presence/absence of bracteoles is a
very valuable and constant taxonomic feature in this genus), or the 3
species some people still would like to separate as a distinct genus
(Polypompholyx) with some extra sepals...

The strangest cp related floral abnormity I know is the secondary
"gymnosperm" fruit of Dioncophyllaceae, however: the only flowering plants
in which the seeds are *larger than* the fruit coat (which can no longer be
called a "coat").

Kind regards