Venus Flytrap is sprouting in DC area!
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2/21/95 ... The Environmental Defense Fund asks you to CALL your
Representative NOW, before the House votes this week on whether
to undo 25 years of environmental safeguards that protect our
health and safety. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-225-3121
to be connected to your Representative. Tell him or her to vote
AGAINST H.R.9 (Job Creation & Wage Enhancement Act) and H.R.450
(Regulatory Transition Act). These bills would let polluters
block new safeguards and roll back existing ones. The bills would
create obstructions that The New York Times called "a recipe for
paralysis." Your help IS urgently needed. Please call now! Send
email to for more information. To receive
FUTURE environmental alerts by email, write,
with your name and postal address in the message area. Thank You!
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