Re: "Water lenses" (was Aldrovanda success)

John Taylor (
Wed, 22 Feb 1995 11:43:53 +1100

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>Water lenses are small plants (the smallest blossoming plants at all ?)
>which swim on the water surface (which makes it easy remove some if
>they are growing to well. they also reduce light and take nutrients
>out of the water.) I think the latin name is _Lemna minor_.

_Lemna minor_ is a synonym of _Lemna disperma_ (or vice versa) commonly called
"Duckweed". There are a couple of other plants which are very similar (and
also called Duckweeds) - _Spirodela oligorrhiza_ and _Wolffia australiana_.

>Aside daphnia and aldrovanda also snails (sorry not identified yet .-( )
>are thriving well. Any idea if they can be dangerous for my aldrovanda ?

Depends on the type of snail - some can be very destructive to plants...
Check out the snail section of the Fish/Aquaria FAQ files - they describe
various types and their effects.

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