Re: Water Lenses

Michael Hasemann (
Tue, 21 Feb 1995 17:43:54 +0200 (EET)

> Re: What are "water lenses"? (Lemna minor):
> The common name in the US is "duckweed". From a distance the stuff appears
> as a pale green, non-reflective, uniformly colored scum on the surface of a
> pond. Up close, there's small individual circular leaves about a
> millimeter or two in diameter, with one or two fine hairlike roots
> underneath. It's very common here in the upper Midwest. Since plants can
> be transported on the feathers and feet of waterbirds, it's probably
> growing within an hour or two of nearly everyone on the list.
Sorry for the confusion I wrongly assumed the English translation
would follow the German or Finnish one. I might be wrong with Lemna
minor. It's a little bigger (about 3-4 mm in diameter).


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