Re: WEB archive page

Chris Frazier (
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 13:28:40 -0700

Well, I think I got the bugs out of the archive page. I've taken
most of your suggestions and eliminated all questionable html archives in
favor of the text versions. If you (or anyone else) wants to work up
better hypertext versions of these, that would be great. I think I will
limit myself to providing the archive page and not to worry much about what
is in them.
I have put in line breaks for everything, so if you find any run on
lines, its 'cause I missed them by mistake. I hope this fixes the problem
with the laminar files, but I don't really have any way to check if they
are downloadable.
Check it out and see if you any suggested corrections (don't hold
back, I want the best out there). If you think it is fit for general
consumption, put in the link in the CP home page and away we go! I'd
prefer that you make the announcement of its availability, since I want to
maintain the impression that your page is preeminant and that, essentially,
I am just providing this to help you. This raises the question of how best
to handle requests from people to add their documents. As I see it, this
still comes first to you, add them to the CParchives and let me know so I
can update the archive page. Does this sound O.K.? Same with updates to
existent documents.
Hope it works,

Chris Frazier
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