Aldrovanda success

Michael Hasemann (
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 13:29:09 +0200 (EET)


Aldrovanda is believed to me a more or less tricky plant.
So I like to give my experiences I got during the last
two month. Perhaps this might initiate a discussion ...

I recently got some Aldrovanda winterbuds and I gave them a try.
According to the instructions I got I placed them in shallow
tray at 20 degress and moderate light. The water I used was 50%
cooked and filtered "peat soup" and 50% clear water from a deep
ground water well. This setting induce growth but I was not
very satisfied with the speed of growth. The plants seem to be
rather weak so I decided to move them into a warmer place and
I also added water lenses (Lemna ...) to clean the water. I also
added an air pump to aerate the water. The temperature is
29 degrees at daytime and 20 degrees at nighttime. The tray is
heated indirectly by 40W light tube 12 cm over the water level.
The introduction of water lenses also introduced other life forms,
e.g. snail, daphnia, etc.
I also added a few drops of superthrive and remove every now and
then some water lenses. They are growing very well too. :-)
The Aldrovanda plants are protected from "invading" water lenses
by a small "fence" so that they can receive full "sun"shine.
I am using this setting for about 6 weeks and the Aldrovanda developed
to 8cm long plants (some are branching as well).

A different topic:
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