Re: Redlanderii?

Jan Schlauer (
Sat, 18 Feb 1995 16:50:54 +0100

Hi Robert,

>A couple of years back I got a N. Redlanderii from Peter Pauls.
>(No Jeers, please;)) Since then, I have only seen a cross of this hybrid
>offered by Lee's Botanical. I now have 50 or so cuttings doing well.
>Does anyone know what plants make-up N.Redlanderii, what is it?

A brief look at the www page ( could have
revealed the following for you:

N: [Nepenthes * redlanderi {HORT.BEDNAR}]
P: CARNIV.PL.NEWSL.23:4 (1994)
S: =[[Nepenthes anamensis {MACF.}] * [[Nepenthes northiana {HOOK.F.}] *
[Nepenthes maxima {REINW. ex NEES}]]]

Kind regards

PS: The capital "R" and the wrong Latin termination "-ii" (cf. what I have
posted concerning this topic some time ago...) are orthographic errors to
be corrected. Without protologue and type, the name is (once again...) a
nomen nudum according to the ICBN. But because a bastard formula is
sufficient to describe a hybrid for taxonomic purposes (if the names of all
parents are valid, i.e. with protologue and type), this is not indicated