Re: Re: Wardian case building

John Taylor (
Fri, 17 Feb 1995 22:00:27 +1100

To: Multiple recipients of list <>

>A source for ideas along this line, which came up on the aroid list a few
>weeks ago, it an ftp site for aquaria. It contains information on building
>materials, adhesives, paints, etc. etc. for homemade aquaria, and also
>quite a few items from areas such as lighting and automation. I haven't yet
>used suggestions from this site, but plan to this summer, when I should
>have more available time, for building a large more-or-less
>self-maintaining Wardian case/terrarium (the dividing line for the two is a
>bit diffuse, prehaps).
>To access the information, ftp to:

Alternatively, check out the various links on WWW - I often use Yahoo:

(There's heaps of interesting, and "useless", links from this site - though I
don't think the CP page has been included in the gardening section as yet).


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