Allen Lowrie's Heliamphora seed list

John Taylor (
Fri, 17 Feb 1995 11:35:22 +1100

Here's the Heliamphora seed list Allen sent me: (as of 10 February 1995)

---------------------------[Begin included
message]---------------------------- Allen Lowrie 6 Glenn Place
Duncraig, 6023 Western Australia

Dear C.P. grower,
We have a very limited number of seeds of Heliamphora surplus
to our needs. All seed packs $3 each.


[H.heterodoxa X H.minor (C)] X [H.minor "small form"] [H.heterodoxa X
H.nutans (A)] X [H.heterodoxa (A)] [H.heterodoxa X H.nutans (A)] X
[H.heterodoxa X H.minor (C)] [H.heterodoxa (B)] X [H.heterodoxa X
H.minor (A)] [H.heterodoxa X H.minor (A)] X [H.heterodoxa X H.nutans
(A)] [H.heterodoxa (A)] X [H.heterodoxa X H.minor (C)] [H.heterodoxa
(A)] X [H.heterodoxa X H.nutans] H.heterodoxa x self [H.heterodoxa X
H.minor (A)] X [H.minor "small form"] ----------------------------[End
included message]-----------------------------

According to his main catalogue, for every order add $4 (Australian orders) or
$8 (Overseas orders) for P&P. All prices in Australian Dollars (AUD)


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