Re: N. carunculata (?)

Ch'Ien Ch'Ien Lee (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 14:24:05 -0800 (PST)

> _N.carunculata_ as well as recent splitoffs thereof (e.g. _N.ovata_) do
> come from C Sumatra. I cannot tell you what you have from the scant
> description you have posted.
> But be careful if it is really _N.carunculata_, as this will be lumped with
> _N.bongso_ soon (Hi, Matthew)! You could perhaps keep an eye on your plants
> if you notice some change with this nomenclatural rearrangement. ;-)
> Kind regards
> Jan

Jan, Joachim, & others,

Thanks for the info regarding our unidentified N. carunculata (my
apologies Jan, this darn terminal doesn't do underlines).
Sorry I can't provide a more detailed description - we have just a
small cutting with no pitchers and I only had a quick look at the parent
plant. I do not recall it having such a broad peristome as that described
in N. carunculata var. robusta in the recent CPN.
I don't know which mountain it came from - I was thinking that perhaps
due to the subpeltate tendril insertion that this form was specific to a
particular site. I see now that this may be typical for the species.

I guess none of this would have been a problem if I had Danser's
monograoph to consult (can anyone spare a xerox?)

And, if Matthew is listening: I understand you are performing a revision
of the genus - when will this be published and would it be possible to
obtain a copy? Thanks.

Best Wishes,