Re: Heliamphora seed

John Taylor (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 11:11:45 +1100

To: Multiple recipients of list <>

>> Hi all.
>> I've just got some seed (well, two seeds actually) of Heliamphora
>> heterodoxa from Allen Lowrie. I'm wondering what the best way to
>> germinate them is.
>Real generous ain't he!? It would be curious for you to weigh the
>seeds, multiply by the price, and see if they really ARE worth their
>weight in gold!

Well, it's not too suprising given their "rarity". Allen has a good
range (but of very limited number) of hybrid Heliamphora seeds at the
moment. Does anyone want me to post this list to the group?

>True, I have heard that Heliamphora seed is rare (perhaps rarer than TC
>Heliamphora plantlets?) If so, you might want to do a photographic
>sequence of germination and seedling development.

That's not a bad idea, Michael. The seeds themselves are interesting - they
are flat and round with a wing right around the edge, slightly cupped (for
aerodynamic stability I guess - they probably can drift for a short distance).


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