Re: Dutchman's Pipe/Aristolochia

John Laroche (
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 13:43:31 -0800

You wrote:

>Is A. macrourii substantially different from A. elegans (seeds
>available from Doug Rowland)?
>in North Carolina
OH YES! Like the difference between N rajah and gracilis......! Elegans
is an open flat flower (similar ones include brasilensis and gigantea)
macrourii (it is spelled wrong i think) is very nepenthes like with a
very very long tail.......similar species would include trilobata. I
have all of the above species along with several more including genus
Pararistolochia and would be happy to share seeds with anyone who
asks...only pods available now are A. tagula and A brasilensis.....