Re: Hmmmmmm (also Neps and Scale)

Brett Lymn (
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 16:07:26 +1030 (CST)

According to Andreas Wistuba:
>In case of scale insects and their relatives, Malathion works quite

Hmmmm I thought that malathion was more for spraying things and were
not as effective for scale/mealy-bugs because both have a waxy coating
that prevented them being wetted and hence picking up the poison. I
think the actual toxin is the same, or at least the same family - i.e.
anticholinesterase. From what I understand of biology (not much)
cholinesterase is the stuff used to transfer nerve impulses from one
nerve cell to the next, the poison in rogor/malathion/di-systron
interferes with this so it acts like a "nerve gas"

>Another cure for scale insects and relatives is a special kind of
>mineral oil. I did not dare to use it so far......;-) ....but I know
>several people who told me they use it with good success.

Yeah, it's normally called "white oil" and is quite effective in
killing scale. My SO uses it on her Cymbidium orchids, I have no
experience with anything more delicate.

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