Re: snow scale
Sat, 11 Feb 1995 21:45:36 -0500

To: Greg Long

Snow scale show up as 1/2 mm long rod-shaped white organisma. They usually
appear on the underside of leaves and cause yellowing of the surrounding leaf
tissue. By the time you notice one there are often hundreds. They do not seem
to spread easily and plants hanging in a greenhouse seperated by a small gap
is often enough
to prevent spread. I have not noticed them to be spread by ants.

These things are a bear to get rid of. Repeated application of at least 2
systemics is suggested. Cutting off and destroying infected leaves first will
reduce the population but in itself is not an effect control as the scales
will get into the leaf axils, between pitchers and tendils, etc.

The best preventative is removal of old leaves and pitchers and not
overcrowding the growing area, something I am guilty of. N. mirabilis is a
favorite target, as is albo-marginata. They also have a taste for Sarracenia
and a wide range of ornimental plants. Removing hosts plants from your
growing area is a good idea.

I have seem them from Florida to Maryland.If all else fails.....napalm.

Good growing