the book

Warrington, Pat (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 13:31:00 -0800 (PST)

Thanks Rick

Perhaps I have unwittingly caused some confusion by calling it the _BOOK_. I
had always intended it to be an electronic _book_ stored in the CP archives
and thus readily and regularly updated. I agree that a paper copy is already
history. People can always run off paper copies for interim use, I certainly
would, but commercial publishing was not intended. Perhaps I am also jumping
the gun. I agree than the monograph database is an ideal source of data from
which numerous derivative works could be produced, what I had in mind is one
of those derivative works; but we do not yet have the data base.

Whenever I do something like this I always agonize over whether to use the
monograph format, by species, or the subject format. I am open to suggestions
here. I chose the subject format because many people may not care about the
taxonomy, description, etc. but only want to know how to grow or tissue
culture specimens. This way they only need to retrieve/download/print the
chapters of interest. I will give this some more thought and I solicit
suggestions from anyone on what would be the most useful format.