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>> >I have a question for you pest experts. On a few of my Nepenthes,
>> there are
>> >these little bitty white things on the tendrils. Sometimes they appear
>> >around spots on the leaves. They don't seem to be alive. They don't
>> ************S N I P************
>> It sounds like the scurge of Nep growers everywhere....Snow Scale....! A
>> creature delivered by the Antichrist if there ever was one! Do they have
>> a kinda grey sheen? Are they sort of cylindrical (maybe bent into ess's
>I have not followed this thread and therefor my suggestion might be a
>repeat....(sorry in this case).
>In case of scale insects and their relatives, Malathion works quite
>well. It's not as dangerous as these little blue beads you can put
>onto the soil (their name in Germany is Temik and I guess it's the
>same you mentioned). Temik horribly poisonous and a very good cure
>for Nematodes but for the danger I would not use it in case of pests
>which are more easy to control.
>Another cure for scale insects and relatives is a special kind of
>mineral oil. I did not dare to use it so far......;-) ....but I know
>several people who told me they use it with good success.
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A great remedy for nematodes is ground shrimp shells. You can keep them in
the freezer till you're ready to grind them up. The presence of the shells
causes a population explosion of a bacteria which digests chiton. These
bacteria in turn eat the eggs of the nematodes. A great trick I learned in
Hawaii where nematodes can be a problem.
Another 2 cents worth...
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