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>> Hello,
>> I was just wondering whether somebody here knows any details:
>> There are rumours here that some American CP-collectors are in
>> trouble with the authorities for whatever reasons, that collections
>> have been confiscated and some people will have to go to court.
>> Is this just a rumour or what's going on?
>> As far as I've heared the whole thing started a few months ago.
>> I realize that it's not my business but I'm just interested.
>> All the best
>> Andreas
>Personally I have no knowledge of this happening or even any situation which
>would allow it to happen. Property laws are pretty strong here in the US. I
>know of no situation which would allow the wholesale confiscation of personal
>Tom in Fl
I have "heard" stories of this sort of thing happening. The story went that
people's N. rajah plants were confiscated if they did not possess the proper
paper work. Government officials were tipped off by another collector who
did have the proper paper work and wanted to be among a select few to
possess this plant.
I have also heard of DEA agents combing the buyers lists of suppliers of
lighting systems, and then raiding the homes of these people.
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