Re: cold in Florida

Trisha Coene (tcoene@PEAK.ORG)
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 14:28:48 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 9 Feb 1995, Tom wrote:

> > stuff (CPs :) ), I went out this morning to find all my plants frozen into
> > their water trays. Can you imagine, ICE! At this point I am not worried about
> > my Sarrs. or Drosera, but I don't know what happens to live sphagnum when it is
> > frozen solid. It does look weird.
> Hi Tom,
Just wanted to tell you that there is live sphagnum all over the
forests out here in Oregon and it freezes almost every night throughout
the winter. Seems to do just fine, spreading itself over every thing.
Trish <>