Neps and scale insects...

Peter Cole (
Wed, 08 Feb 1995 23:35:49 GMT

Cliff Dodd writes:

> Dear Peter,
> I have found that most of the systemic pesticides available here in the U.S.
> have no ill effect on Nepenthes when used at recommended strength. I use a
> produce called Cygon 2E at 1 tablespoon/gallon. This is very effective
> against scale but you may need a second application in 10 days. If this is
> not available in your area try a local product on a test plant.

Sadly my N. X coccinea shuffled off it's mortal coil after all my
efforts to save it. I had tried spraying with pyrethrin, alcohol
on cotton buds, and picking the little !@#$%s off by hand. Maybe
I overdid the chemicals, I don't know ( as a rule, I don't use
any chemicals at all, except the occasional wipe with alcohol to
get aphids off Sarracenia shoots etc. ) - there were still scale
insects alive after it had died though, so maybe I underdid it.
At least I managed to isolate it before they spread to any other
plants ( fingers crossed... ) It was the first time I've had
trouble with scale insects - hope it's my last ( well, I can
hope can't I? :)
I'll try a systemic if it ever happens again - 'natural' growing's
got its place, but if these !@#$%s show up again they're toast!

> I have heard however that Nepenthes are damaged or killed
> by copper based fungicides.

I've heard the same - I don't plan on putting it to the test though...

> Most of our local scale are easy to kill, however one species known as snow
> scale requires repeated treatment with at least two systemic insecticides
> over a month or more. It is widespread in the eastern U.S. and may occur in
> Europe as well.

That may have been the ones - some of them were sort of fluffy and
white - I'd thought those were larvae, but they might have been a
different species.

Oh well, c'est la vie an' all that -

good growing,


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