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Thu, 9 Feb 1995 16:09:12 +1030 (CST)

According to Doug Bosco:
>Douglas Wiggins Said:
< suggestions for using CO2 to help plant growth deleted for brevity>
>Interesting..I tried to convert my oven into a mini greenhouse by setting up
>my aquarium hoodlight inside and my plants underneath it.
>Since I have a gas oven, I believed that the pilot light would generate
>extra CO2 (and heat) which would assist the plants in growing. Unfortunately
>my Darlingtonia was not amused and promptly keeled over.
>I still think there might be a possibility here but I may be doing it wrong.

I suspect that the other nasties produced by the gas combustion may
have something to do with that. If you want a cheap, easy CO2 source
then you cannot go past a jar with some sugar, water and yeast in it
the by-product of the yeast digestion of sugar is CO2 gas plus
alcohol :*) Replenish the jar as necessary but if you want to drink
the contents you really should arrange an "airlock" - a U tube filled
with water to let the CO2 gas out and keep the oxygen out otherwise you
will only get acetic acid. Oh, and be careful as you may not get
C2H5OH (ethyl alcohol aka booze) but some other alcohol which can make
you sick/dead :*(

Yes, I did try distilling this stuff when I was much younger - the
yeild was not great but boy the stuff had a real kick!

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