Doug Bosco (
Wed, 08 Feb 1995 23:47:48 -0600

Douglas Wiggins Said:

>The only thing I can suggest to new growers to give them an edge
>with these plants is to tell them to use CO2 - that is how I got my
>start. I bought plants from reputible dealer who is now out of
>business because he gave up on trying to change the world
>(practically the identical sentiment that I finally developed), but
>they didn't grow well. I was painting with my airbrush, using CO2
>for propellant, and got the idea that plants like CO2 - after a
>short time of squirting CO2 into the terrarium a few times a day,
>my plants were thriving. I can't recommend it enough. Plants
>require CO2, and the nearly-closed terrariums don't allow enough
>air-flow to exchange the exhausted air under the leaves (where it
>is exchanged); just increasing the ventilation might help (but not
>for dead plants).

Interesting..I tried to convert my oven into a mini greenhouse by setting up
my aquarium hoodlight inside and my plants underneath it.

Since I have a gas oven, I believed that the pilot light would generate
extra CO2 (and heat) which would assist the plants in growing. Unfortunately
my Darlingtonia was not amused and promptly keeled over.

I still think there might be a possibility here but I may be doing it wrong.

Doug Bosco -