gibberelic acid

Peter Cole (
Mon, 06 Feb 1995 23:33:18 GMT

Rick Skalsky writes:
> 1. Where in the USA might one get a hold of gibberelic (sp.) acid?

and John Laroche replies:
> Aldrich Chemical Supply

Just my 2 pence worth, but if anyone's looking for gibberelic acid
in the UK, it's available from:
Sunlight Systems,
3, St Mary's Works,
Burnmoor Street,

They do lighting systems and hydroponics kits too, but they're a bit
on the pricey side.
The gibberelic acid appears to be 10 lb/g - I don't know if that's good
or bad - they also do hormone rooting powder by the kilogram ( enough
to last several lifetimes I'd have thought :)

Happy growing,


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