Andreas Wistuba (
06 Feb 1995 22:42:00 +0100

> ... Propagation
> from seed is one of my keenest interests- which carniverous plants
> would survive the fumblings of a newcomer? Any and all advice would
> be gratefully received.

Try to get some seeds of easier ones like Drosera capensis or Drosera
binata or how about Sarracenias. If you think the plants have already
caught you (Yes Droseras can be very sticky!), join one of the Carnivorous
plant societies. You have one in Great Britain, which gives you the chance
to meet people with the same interest and get a good start with seeds or
offsprings. A must for the serious enthusiast is the International CP
Society (ICPS) with it's CPN (Carnivorous Plant Newsletter).

All the best


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