Doug Bosco (
Mon, 06 Feb 1995 23:56:07 -0600

>BO>I'll agree with this. I also had a bad experience with Peter
>Paul's. It BO>involved a dead Drosera which he wouldn't take back. He
>said it was in BO>hibernation. I said it was deceased, ceased to be,
>it was a DEAD Drosera (it
>Your message does not contain enough information for anyone to be of
>help to you - what species was it that he said was in hybernation? You
>mentioned questionable VFTs - what was the question? Without that
>information, the message is just saying, "yeah, me too".
>ps I don't mean to pick on you - it is just that, of 52 personal
>messages (this includes messages forwarded from echoes such as the CP
>group), nearly half are repetitions of complaints about Peter Pauls;
>while valuable to know, it can wear thin after awhile when there is no
>other information of value in the missive.

My message was simply a me-too message meant to warn others of bad
experiences in the CP field. I'm a novice to this field and as most novices,
quite naive. It doesn't reflect well on other merchants in a field when one
merchant does not treat their customers with respect.

And as for keeping a merchant with a bad reputation on a merchant's list you
are asking for trouble with newbies such as myself who may need assistance
in finding a reputable merchant. Should't providing information (good or
bad) about merchants be a function of this group? Or should we practice
self-censorship? :-(((

As for the Drosera. It was a Drosera dichotoma which was quite black. I
planted it anyway and absolutely nothing happened (it didn't move a muscle)
and it soon rotted away. As for the VFTs, I tried tender loving care with
lots of light but they didn't budge and soon joined the dichotoma in CP
Heaven (one of them was there when I got it).

I live in an apartment where growing CPs or any other plant is tough enough
without having assistance from someone who should help. Merchants in any
business should realize that they could make alot more money by being
helpful to their customers (Re: Walmart).

Doug Bosco (