Re: TC media

John Laroche (
Mon, 6 Feb 1995 14:58:49 -0800

You wrote:

>> I've missed quite a bit of mail recently, but I posted my favorite
>> medium for vft GERMINATION: 1/2 strength MS Salts, full strength
>> organics, 100mg/l Casien, 100mg/l inositol, 30000 mg/l sucrose and 7
>> agar Ph at 5.9
>> Replate medium as above but with 0.2 mg/l NAA and 5.0 mg/l 2iP.
>> This is a good starting point for Pings,Sundews and Pitchers.
>I once used MS with Nepenthes and it worked but finally learned that
Knudsen gave
>me far better result though it's quite poor (...maybe because it's

I must confess, nepenthes have always been rough for me, what were you
trying to do, callus, embryogenesis, single node...etc?
I've not persued it fully, but when I was doing Nepenthes, I had good
results with both Ringe and Nitsch(1968) and Nitsch and Nitsch
(1969)modified with common sense to prune out some of the extra salts.
Did you use the Morel modification of Knudson C? I prefer this becasue
of the excess Ca in the original formula.
What we really need to do is find a surefire way to eliminate
polyphenolic blackening and the native filth that Nepenthes seem to
carry. Then if some kind soul with a lot of space and time would run a
broad spectrum experiment a la de Fossard, we'd be set.