Re: Drosera oblanceolata?

Jan Schlauer (
Mon, 6 Feb 1995 19:28:52 +0100

Dear Shing LAM,

>I found Drosera oblanceolata listed in Jan's list and would like to
>know more about it.

_D.oblanceolata_ is a species so far known only from and endemic to
mountain regions in SE China (i.e. it has not yet been found in Hong Kong,
but it is perhaps not completely impossible). It is related to
_D.spatulata_ but it differs from this and other relatives in the
repeatedly divided styles (the related Chinese species have the 3 styles
basally bifurcate but there is no further division between this primary one
and the stigma). Leaf forms are *very variable* in the collective species
_D.spatulata_ (consisting of many local "races" which are nevertheless
rather uniform in floral details). In the other related species the leaf
lamina is not longer than broad. In _D.oblanceolata_ leaf laminae are (from
obovate to) oblanceolate (to oblong).

>(...) and the leaves are not growing close to the ground as spat does.

Judging from RUANs illustrations (in the protologue of _D.oblanceolata_ and
in "Flora reipublicae popularis sinicae"), the leaves of _D.oblanceolata_
are growing +/- close to the ground (+/- like in _D.spatulata_). So this
may not be too conclusive.

Please try to examine (microscope or hand lens recommended) the flowers
(especially the styles). Hong Kong would be a very interesting supplement
to the known range of _D.oblanceolata_.

Kind regards