Jan Schlauer (
Sun, 5 Feb 1995 16:20:13 +0100

John & ALL,

>Count me in, I'll collect all the TC literature sources I have, scan
>them and send them to you. Also, I can provide photos literature,
>anything you want.

Great! But please do not send the material to me but to our master Rick. If
you want to supply general info, this could certainly be linked some way
with the archives or the web page.

About picture formats, please consult Rick directly.

>Let me know what I can do.

If you have info on or if you are interested in a specific taxon (or few
taxa) of cp, it would be especially welcome if you could decide to do the
compilation job of a monograph. In this case I would send you the framework
(a rather long file), so your input is in conformity with the other
contributions. This framework does in no way mean you have to find info on
*all* topics (this is simply impossible for most taxa), it should rather
help you to arrange the information in a standardized form. Use the
framework as a checklist, and submit your monograph to Rick as soon as no
further additions (from literature available to you or from your own
experience) seem possible.

A monographer (monograph author) does not need to be the world expert in
the specific taxon covered, he/she should only spend some time (this is
perhaps the most critical factor) compiling information (mainly from
literature or from the world expert...) on that taxon. Correct citation is
of course a prerequisite for this work.

Users of the web page will see if they can supply some further information
as soon as the first version of the monograph is accessible. These users
may then contact Rick (who will inform the author) or the author of the
monograph directly, and the monograph can be augmented by the author this
way. The obvious advantage of this procedure is that the author always
keeps control over the monograph, and he can be consulted for further
information (original literature, etc.).

I will post the names of the taxa already dealt with by the GFP-M&M project
in one of my next messages. It seems sensible that each species is
monographed by only one author. But there is no reason to worry yet: a few
species (=approx. 500) are still left for anyone interested!

This all may sound like science fiction, but I have really seen some (fine)
output already, and it does work! The intended book can only be as good as
the input supplied by you all.

Kind regards and thank you for your help!