wintering sarracenias

Peter Cole (
Sun, 05 Feb 1995 00:00:22 GMT

John Rising writes:

> First I want to thank everyone for their feedback on dormancy and feeding
> of carnivorous plants. It appears I will be using my basement more next
> winter for storage. I have not chosen to put them outside because the
> winters in Colorado can have temperatures of -10 or more (although this
> winter has been amazingly mild).

Sounds like Wales - we've had 3 or 4 nights down to -11C ( I
assume you're using centigrade? ) Last year we had a cold snap
that went down to -15C for a few nights - my Sarracenias were
fine outdoors ( except leucophylla, ) in pots and larger bowls.
X catesbaei, purpurea, flava, X ( alata x flava 'maxima') and
several mixed hybrids of dubious parentage - all winter perfectly
well outdoors. I suppose if you were worried you could bubblewrap
the pots, but I don't bother and I haven't lost one yet.
I'd worry about light in a basement ( though I guess they're pretty
dormant... )

Happy growing,


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