D. gigantea germination and Peter Paul's

Fri, 03 Feb 1995 12:01:32 -0500 (EST)

Hi Folks,

Brian Cochran had a very successful method of germinating
D. gigantea described in the Dec CPN under Don Schnell's
review of the Southeastern CP meeting. For the full protocol
send me your snail address and I'll send it out to you.
It involved a 24 hr soak in a gibberelic acid solution (1g/L),
careful watering, and fungicide treatments.

Just my 2 cents about Peter Paul's. I ordered from them many
years ago and was unhappy with the size and quality of their
plants so I didn't go back. HOWEVER, I believe their plant
listing should remain in the archives for the following reason:
It gives everyone a way to compare PP's offerings with the other
suppliers and if the are unhappy with PP's (as I was) find an
alternate source. Just because they are listed doesn't means they
are endorsed by the list or *have* to be ordered from. Ask the list
for recommendations, that's what we're here for isn't it?
*end Peter's Paul's discussion*

For new grower's information, field collected plants are bad for many
reasons including:

-they are more difficult to grow having not been acclimated to
greenhouse conditions
-they are more likely to contain insect pests or diseases
-they may have been collected illegally (increasingly likely
as more and more CP are being protected by law)
-over collecting has eliminated many CP stands, esp. Venus FT.
-how are you going to verify that your plants were not wild
collected when the Department of Agriculture agent shows up to
investigate field collecting of endangered and protected plants,
fine you and/or confiscate those plants that came from a disreputable

Take care!

Jeff in North Carolina