Utrics and PPs too

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@mips3.as.arizona.edu)
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 23:12:36 -0700

There have been some inquiries about Utrics (_U.tricolor_, _U.praelonga_,
_U.longifolia_ etc). I suggest you try Lee's Botanical or asking others on
this list for it. If you can't find them in a few months I could send some
to you myself as I'll have more free time then. A few $$$ per plant would
be exchanged if you lack trading leverage. But maybe there are some other
growers with it available.

Rogan, I'm very interested that you get _U.tricolor_ to flower. I have
two clones, very distinct from each other in leaf, which produce endless
scapes which dry at the tips. This happens in the greenhouse and in the
terrarium. Very frustrating.

>I have not dealt with Peter Paul's. However, their price list is included
>on the CP sell sheet available through this list. Perhaps their posting
>should be deleted if so many people agree that they are violating basic
>standards of plant conservation. I don't know what legal issues are

This is a very interesting idea. Perhaps the address could be deleted
and the throwaway disclaimer that ``Due to the unfortunately short lifetimes
of CP nurseries, this list may not be complete. Firms with a documented
history of field collection may also be excluded.'' A basic C-Y-A statement.

>good way to deal with the relative invisibility of the 'best bits'
>of Utrics and similar plants, while keeping a tidy tray, would be
>to grow them in those cyanoacrylate beer glasses that seem to be

I use the cut-off bottoms of 2-liter soda-pop bottles for some species.
It works reasonably well.