Re: Peter Pauls

Doug Bosco (
Thu, 02 Feb 1995 23:17:29 -0600

>I have not dealt with Peter Paul's. However, their price list is included
>on the CP sell sheet available through this list. Perhaps their posting
>should be deleted if so many people agree that they are violating basic
>standards of plant conservation. I don't know what legal issues are
>involved, but I certainly think it's appropriate to decline advertising
>from those who sell large numbers of wild-collected plants.
I'll agree with this. I also had a bad experience with Peter Paul's. It
involved a dead Drosera which he wouldn't take back. He said it was in
hibernation. I said it was deceased, ceased to be, it was a DEAD Drosera (it
wasn't pining for the bloody fjords!) which he sent me. I didn't send it
back, however, figuring it wouldn't be easy to get my money back (I guess I
was right). And I'm not even mentioning the questionable state of several
VFTs I got from him.

Doug Bosco