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Barry Meyers-Rice (
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 16:28:58 -0700

So many interesting topics in the most recent batch of CP mail....

Regarding _D.hamiltonii_ and _U.alpina_....

>Could you give a few words of advice on soil, and things like that?
>My sole D. hamiltonii was killed by an unexpected frost after
>lingering in a state of poor health.

Chris, I use pure milled, dead _Sphagnum_. The 12 cm pot is only about
8cm tall (it is a ``dwarf'' pot). It sits in 2--5 cm of water all year,
slightly lower during the winter. Sometimes it goes through phases of
dormancy in which the leaves stop producing mucous on the tentacle glands,
but most of the time it is dewey. Flowers are produced on very long scapes
in the spring (I expect to see signs of these in the rosette center very

>BTW Barry, the U.alpina seedlings are still alive ( my fingers

Terry, glad to hear it! Do I give them winter heat? I keep them above around
15C (60F), but that is it.

Regarding Peter Paul's and low-down slimy behaviour....

All these comments on Peter Paul's are interesting and are things I've
heard before. I too have received field-plants and incorrectly ID'd plants
from them and have long stopped doing business with them for this reason.
But just a word of caution....remember that from a legal point of view
emailing to a newsgroup is probably the same as publishing. So make sure
you don't write anything that is too slanderous if you can't back yourself
up on it. You don't know what kind of legal action PP's may take.

Regarding Texas bogs......

>Anyone know of any juicy bogs around there? Any gardens to visit?
>I'll have access to a car, so I'll have a fairly good range.

I like the phrase ``juicy bogs''! Eastern Texas has a few CP, and if you
could perhaps you might drive all the way to Angelina Co. to look at
_S.alata_. Out here in Arizona distances seem smaller so such drives are not
too impossible.

Regarding ants and CP......

>Last night I saw a fascinating Nova special (Public Broadcasting System) on
>Ants and their relationship with nature, especially plants.
>I wonder if certain ants have symbiotic relationships with specific CPs.

Doug, Indeed they do. In the much-touted _Nepenthes_ issue of _Nature
Malaysiana_ there is mention of a solitary species of ``drummer ant'' that
lives with _Nepenthes_. Also _N.bicalcarata_ has an inflated tendril which
supposedly is colonized by ants, much like _Myrmecodia_ (sp?).