RE: Visiting Houstan Texas

Thu, 2 Feb 1995 10:58:13 -0600 (CST)

I am going to school in College Station, TX, about 90 miles north of
Houston. I am reasonably familiar with the city. Unfortunately, there is
very little to see in the way of CPs. The only thing I know of that is
there is a man (from an in the CPN) who sells _Sarracenias_ in floating pots
for pools and the like. There are a few gardens, Moody Gardens in Galveston
and maybe one or two others around, but the last time I was there, they
didn't have any CPs on display. I was not terribly impressed by that fact,
but the conservatoy was otherwise wonderful. This is not to say that there
aren't any, but I don't know of them. There's always my humble CP
collection here in College Station! It's not terribly spectacular, however.
Is anyone else on this group from the Houston area, or even Texas
for that matter? Additional input?

Matthew Thompson
Texas A&M University