Re: Peter Pauls' / mass raping the land

Patrick Cox (
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 08:59:10 AST

On Wed, 1 Feb 1995, Tom Hayes [as (Kristin L.
Mott)] wrote: =>My name is Tom Hayes and I wanted to let fellow CP'ers
to be aware of =>the following events that transpired between James
Pietrapolo (sp?) and =>myself three years ago. => =>I called him and
wanted to buy misc. CP (cephalotus/ darlingtonia etc....) =>and
mentioned that I was planning to go on a trip down south to see CP in
=>their native habitat. The main purpose of the trip was to collect
seed of =>the SE pinguicula so I could establish those species into my
collection. => =>He then offered me .50 cents for as many as 300 of
each species of =>sariacenia that I could collect. Even though I needed
money, there was =>no way that I would mass rape the land and put even
more stress on these =>endangered plants. => =>Several months prior to
this phone call, I was planning a trip to see =>Niagra Falls, and
noticed that I would be passing his house on the way. =>I was told he
would not let me in to see his plants because he did not have
=>insurance. I now suspect he simply didn't want me to see that he
really =>doesn't have any plants in there. He gets the plants in and
fills the =>orders that have accumulated. (Does he really grow plants
other than =>darlingtonia and cephalotus). But then again, why bother
growing the plants =>when he can get "suckers" to pick them from the
wild? He risks nothing and =>offers near nothing in exchange. Whoever
is caught collecting the plants =>will have to deal with the law. What
a nice position for him to be in.

I've had a similar experience with him as well. I wanted to purchase
_Cephalotus_ and _Nepenthese_ seeds from him (no import permit needed).
He said that he didn't sell seeds for these but would trade for them.
What he wanted in return was a rare _Sarracenia_ species that grows
wild here in Nova Scotia. Since the area where it grew was distant to
me and in a remote location, I didn't think that this was a fair trade
and decided I didn't really need these seeds.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! (Damn sundew... I'm sticking
to it too.)

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