Utric flowers and flowering problems

Rogan Roth (ROTH@gate2.cc.unp.ac.za)
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 13:22:13 +200

Dear Everybody (with & without utric problems),

I grow U. prehensilis and U. tricolor outside, under 40% shade
cloth and with periodical (automated) overhead misting - both
flower very well for me (i.e. at the moment!). Of course U.
prehensilis grows naturally not far from here so it should be
happy, but I think the answer is constant moisture. Overhead
misting is probably not practicable for many amateur growers but
sufficient can probably be applied by using a hand atomiser two
or three times a day. I did try and cultivate U. tricolor under
lights where it did very well but never flowered - the
inflorescences kept dying back. Our winters are relatively mild
with the temperature seldom dropping below 0 deg.C for any length
of time.

I have six different forms of U. livida, two forms of U.
sandersonii, U. prehensilis, U. tricolor, U. gibba, U.
appendiculata (I think!) and a few other unidentified species
flowering in my collection at the moment. They have done very
well this year and are putting on quite a memorable display.

Cheers for now.

Best regards from
Rogan in South Africa.