Re: Nepenthes pollen available

Ron Gagliardo (
01 Feb 95 21:29:39 EST

Hi Folks,
I saw Christophs message regarding Nepenthes pollen. I have a few things coming
into flower in the next 1-3 weeks (roughly):
N. maxima male
N. ventricose male and female
N. burkei (personally, I have a hard time telling it apart from ventricosa, but
for what it's worth, it's flowering) male
N. truncata (yes, truncata)
N. spathulata (female)
(Andreas, N. maxima pollen going out tomorrow, per our private email last week)

If anyone is interested in pollen, please post your requests to my
private email address (should appear above), rather than to the list.
Thanks. If you're successful, I could use a few seeds for in vitro
work. Many thanks!

Ron Gagliardo
Atlanta Botanical Garden