Davin Stewart (davin.stewart@factory.com)
Sat, 28 Jan 95 11:50:00 -0500

Hello all,

I've been hanging in the background for some time now following the
various threads.

It's been some time since I posted here, so here's some background on

I've been growing cp's for six or seven years now, ever since college.
I'm working in New York City as a computer consultant and growing
whatever cp I can in my small (and over-priced apartment) where I've
got a 3'x1.5' growing chamber.

Right now I've got _N. rafflesiana_, _alata_, _alata_ red, _khasiana_,
and _burkii_ (sp?). I've got a two-year old _Cephalotus_ clump with 1"
pitchers and a barely living _Heliamphora minor_ (at least it was alive
this morning). Also, I've got a thriving _Drosera falconeri_ with
leaves about 1" across.

Those are the highlights of my collection. Here's the rest of it
(hopefully spelled correctly):

_Dionaea muscipula_
_Drosera binata_
_Drosera hamiltonii_
some unID'd tuberous _Drosera_

_Utricularia reniformis_
_Utricularia tricolor_
_Utricularia sandersonii_
_Utricularia prehensilis_
_Utricularia livida_

_Pinguicula ehlersae_
some unID'd Pings

One day I'll get off my butt and send my growlist to Rick.

More next letter,

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 . SLMR 2.1a .