Re: D.hamiltonii and incompleteness of science

Christopher Waldrop (
Wed, 01 Feb 1995 12:13:14 -0600 (CST)

> My plant flowers regularly for me each spring. I have about 10
> rosettes in a single pot perhaps 12cm in diameter. They grow along
> with my _Sarracenia_, sitting in water year-round. I think it is
> important not to disturb them since they did not flower for me the
> first few years I grew them. I was constantly dividing the plants for
> other growers then. Now when I am dividing this plant, I very
> carefully excise tiny plantlets instead of full-sized plants. During
> the winter they are exposed to a few months of evenings which drop to
> only 5--10 C. The flowers are stunningly beautiful, although they have
> never produced seed. Root propagation is the best way to multiply
> this plant.

Could you give a few words of advice on soil, and things like that?
My sole D. hamiltonii was killed by an unexpected frost after
lingering in a state of poor health.