D. platypoda

Tue, 31 Jan 95 18:15:20 PST

I planted D. platypoda seeds last January 94 and was rewarded with
numerous sprouts around July (the same thing happened with D. peltata
green) These little g uys grew to about 3-5 cm and crashed. They are in
a eastern exposure in a mille d peat mix (which has somewhat solidified
over time). Not to be discouraged I k ept this same tray damp and found
that they resprouted (both trays) the end of November. They have
continued to grow but appear that they have stopped and a f ew have died
off again. I'd really like to keep this D. platypoda alive as it's a
fantastic plant. Any suggestions. I have tried repotting them to a
looser peat and sand perlite mixture 1:1:1 without success. Higher
light levels under a flourescent hadn't helped either. Oh well I guess
I could send a few bucks to Mr. Lowrie if all else fails.... Also,
I've lost a few drosera binata and capensis (embarrassing) the leaves
just get smaller and suddenly the whole plant dries up. Is that a rot?
I had decreased my watering but possibly not enough?
Thanks Kirk Martin