Jeffrey Michael Stein (
Sun, 29 Jan 1995 13:22:39 -0500 (EST)

> on purchasing more sarracenia this spring. What can I do to keep these
> plants dormant in the winter? All I have is a cool basement (40-50
> degrees F) and won't have room in a refridgerator for all the ones I
> want. Any suggestions?
> Thanks!
> John
Where do you live? Odds are that you can either place them outside all winter,
or for a large portion. Bringing them in only when long periods of VERY cold
weather (below 0 F) are expected. This winter has been especially warm, and I
have only had to bring stuff in a couple of times. Plus snow cover insulates
the plants. Your basement is probably cool enough for dormancy as it is. Place
them down their in some sort of a tank/terrarium and let them get a littke
light. Be careful not to let them dry out completely.