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>Subject: The Carnivorous Plants
>Howdy all,
> My mother in law was browsing the shelves of a used book store
>and came across the book "The Carnivorous Plants" by Francis Ernest Lloyd.
>It is a reprint of the original from 1942.
> This is the first I've heard of this book. It is actually quite
>comprehensive on all the CP groups. It even has a section on carnivorous
> It has very detailed information on each plant including sections
>in the pitcher plant chapters on the make up of the liquid in the traps.
>It does not have any cultivation info (from what I've read so far, anyway)
>but it is great for detailed analysis of each CP group.

I have this book also ('though it has been hijacked by my brother...)
and it's very interesting although, from memory, some of the plant names
are likely to be well out-of-date. I particularly like the sketches in
the back of the book such as those dealing with the various pitcher
forms of Cephalotus and Darlingtonia from seedling through mature
plants. There are a number of plates of micrographs (photographs of
microscope images) too, but mine are poorly reproduced so are very dark
making it difficult to see the details. I believe mine was a Dover
reprint - I certainly remember that there was a large section in the
back of the book listing *lots* of other books from the same publisher
(maybe about 30-50 pages??).

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