Wed, 25 Jan 1995 08:09:00 -0500


Thanks for the comments re pollination, I wouldn't be at all
surprised if your friend is right regarding Ping
pollinators. I too suspect moths/butterflies, in addition a
guy in the UK also mentioned humming birds especially in
relation to the long spurred section Longitubus Pings such
as P.laueana. Someone will have to photo them in the act.

RE 'Am I the only person who can only grow erect or
scrambling or fan leaved tuberous Drosera'
No - I to fall into the same category, I'm not successful
with the rosette tubers either. I have D.macrantha ssp
eremae and that too crawls all over the place - as you said
great fun! D.menziesii basifolia is a superb species with
nice large flowers as well as the basifolia bit (reminds me
a little of Londons Post Office Tower!) - I've got four buds
on mine this year.

Finaly - undeveloped Ping flowers. This does seam to happen
from time to time - for me this is either with a new species
that produces a flower bud for the first time but which
fails to develop any further, or when a prolonged dull and
damp period of weather sets in just following bud
development. Very annoying indeed.