really rechingeri

Jan Schlauer (
Wed, 25 Jan 1995 11:39:01 +0100


> I was wondering if anyone out there has D. rechingeri. I
>really like this pygmy and would like any information on how I might be able
>to get it.

Are you sure you are looking for _Drosera rechingeri_ STRID?

This plant is not very striking (yes, it is interesting...). It has quite
small, boring white flowers, and the leaves do look much like any other
pygmy leaves. Only the club-shaped stigmas are really fascinating (but I
doubt you grow _Drosera_ for their stigmas, do you?).
The plant comes from the Kabarri National Park, and it is discussed and
depicted in LOWRIEs book as "D.coolamon" LOWRIE nom.nud. (without valid
description and type).

If you are looking for D.rechingeri auct. non STRID: LOWRIE from Regans
Ford, with (really striking) yellow flowers, this was validly described as
_D.citrina_ LOWRIE & CARLQUIST (syn. D.chrysochila SCHLAUER).

Both species are available as gemmae from Allen Lowrie (6 Glenn Place,
Duncraig, 6023, Western Australia, Phone: (09) 4477426) himself. A.L. must
have your order by the beginning of March 1995.

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