chrysolepis, orbs, and tubers

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 16:10:21 -0700

Hey all....

I noticed last night that my _D.chrysolepis_ (thanks don!) is going to
flower. You may recall this is the beast with the centrosymmetric rotate
laminar morphology (oh, I'm in top dissertation-writing form today!). :)

Anyway, I wonder if anyone knows if this plant is determinate---i.e. will
it die after flowering? Maybe I should take some leaf cuttings...

Hey, how are those ``orbs'' on the pings? My U.S.A. Pings are starting
to flower.

Onto a different topic---Tuberous _Drosera_. Am I the only person who
can only grow erect or scrambling or fan-leaved species? I have not been
able to grow any rosetted tuberous _Drosera_ for longer than one season.
Well, with the exception of _D.bulbosa_ which I seem to be keeping alive.
I am growing _D.macrantha_ `Desert Form' and if anyone is ordering tubers
from Allen Lowrie, consider purchasing it---it is a very fun plant. It
has a prostrate crawling and branching stem which is causing all kinds of
problems by getting in other pots etc. A really fun plant---I've nicknamed
my plant The Crawling Chaos (for you lovecraft fans).

Another great plant is _D.menziesii basifolia_. I have 2-year old plants
from seed and this is the first year they are doing the ``basifolia'' bit.
They are striking in beauty.