Mosquitos (again!) & Drosera capensis

Rogan Roth (
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 10:29:54 +200

Dear All,

Please excuse me for "flogging a dead horse" but I thought it
appropriate to add my own solution to mosquito larvae in water
trays to this discussion.

Drosera capensis is one of my favourite plants so it enjoys a
position of prominence in my collection, i.e. it is allowed to
seed itself at will in any container that is available - occupied
or not. One huge advantage to this is the number of mosquito
carcasses that can be seen adhering to ever last tentacle! I
don't think I have to add that adult mosquitos are not a problem
in my collection although the larvae proliferate in the water.
Unfortunately D. capensis has a dormant period during the winter
months when no effective trapping takes place, but this is not a
problem as mosquitos are only prevalent during the rainy season
which is in summer for us.

In my opinion this is an elegant solution to quite a serious
problem that does not involve any other life form that may be

Best regards
Rogan Roth.