Re: bats
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 15:41:20 -0500

Hi Dave,

Sounds like a good deal. First of all, water is important. In
addition, if you are in a hot climate (e.g. California, Southeast U.S.) you
need to place your box facing south X southeast. This is for heating and
cooling. Also, you need to have the box on an un-obstructed pole. Utility
poles work well. These boxes need to be place at least 12 to 15 feet from
the ground. Guano does help with the occupation of bat boxes. Many
studies are currently underway to determine what the best means of
attraction are. Bat boxes do work. You may never see bats leaving or
entering a box becuase usually the boxes only give the bats temporary
shelter which is important. They use houses sometime for the resting
period in between foraging bouts with insects. I will email you an address
to Bat Conservation international. They have great boxes and plans for
them. Although there are other cheaper boxes commercially available.
However BCI's boxes have been tested with moderate success. The others
haven't. Old wood works great but if you can't age it, don't worry about
it. Let me know what you decide. I will email you the address or mail or
fax. Let me know.