Re: Asceptic Germination CP Seed
Sat, 21 Jan 1995 12:06:05 -0500

In response to Orchid grower Dave Johnsons question about the Asceptic
Gernination of CP seeds: This method works for me for many Drosera, Venus Fly
Trap (especially), some pitchers (not the best formula):

Use mature seed, do not scarify.
Sterilize: 1/10 bleach/Tween 20 for ten minutes under agitation; distilled
water rinse.
Germination media(one of several): one half strength MS Salts with full
strength Minimal Organics amended with: 100mg/l Casien, 100mg/l Inositol,
30g/l sucrose, 7g/l agar. pH:5.9.
Culture at 80 degrees, at least 300ftc for 16 hours daily.
Multiplication and Rooting Medium: as above with 0.2mg/l NAA and 5.0mg/l 2iP.
Polyphenol production can be combated with the addition of filtered Ascorbic
acid and citric acid.

CP's are great for orchid growers they both take forever and a day to grow.