Re: D. adelae surprises

Walter Greenwood (
Fri, 20 Jan 1995 12:34:38 EST5EDT

Perry, et al,

This may only be worth two cents, but ...

I have always kept d. adelae in long-fibered or live sphagnum, and I
remember reading recomendations to that effect somewhere many years
ago. If I am behind the times on this one, please straighten me out,
as half of my specimens are very happy, and half are not.

As for the surprise, the fact that one is making babies does not
neccesarily mean one is happy. Plants often flower in response to
stress, for example, presumably as a last-ditch effort to secure the
survival of their genes. Perhaps your trayful of little suckers is
the plant's way of saying "HELP!". After only a week, are they really
big enough to ID positively?

... probably only worth two cents.

Perry. Thanks again for the narrative about your trip. Next time,
take me with you!